Heike Davies



Heike Allerton-Davies grew up in the Eastern Cape and following a foundation course at the East London Tech, she was encouraged to pursue art more seriously at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. which culminated in her sell-out graduate show. Heike has pursued art full time since graduating.
Heike’s last 2 exhibitions, ‘Good Night,’ in 2012 and Valley of Grace in 2013, focused strongly on issues around female sexuality and the complexities of being objectified by the male gaze. It explored issues of vulnerability and strength portrayed in large scale nudes in various confrontational, and some more demure, portraits.
Heike takes her subjects, various women from diverse circumstances, and explores their own versions of being ‘object of the male gaze’ – Heike aims to focus on the complexities of beauty and sensuality in the surrounding socially and economically deprived and violent society. Heike has been captivated by the recessive gene that manifests in light blue and green eyes and is prevalent in many people – testimony to a complex history between the farmers and workers in this area. She is exploring the complexities in the communities around this physical manifestation of their history and people’s reactions and feelings regarding it. This directly relates back to the subversive role of women in this society – the duality of reverence and abuse.
Heike has participated in several group exhibitions and held her 4th solo show in April 2013. Her work is represented in Australia, Singapore, Germany
and the UK. Her new solo exhibition “Captivated” opens at the Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town in April 2014.
Heike has recently moved both home and studio, along with her sculptor husband Sam, and their two children, to the Franschhoek Valley, just outside of Cape Town.
Heike works on both canvas and paper and her preferred medium is acrylic and ink, sometimes incorporating gold leaf.

IS Art, Franschhoek, Cape Town – www.is-art.co.za
Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town – www.everard.co.za, Tel:
Balman Gallery, UK – www.balmangallery.co.uk
Lizamore and Assoc. Johannesburg – www.lizamore.co.za
Youngblood Europe, Cologne, Germany – www.youngblood-europe.com