Taya Maddock



Taya Maddock (1983 -)

Taya cannot remember a life without art.  Her mother, Anny Maddock, was a renowned South African artist so Taya’s childhood days were surrounded by canvases, paint and floods of creativity.
As a child at school her talent shone brightly and she started winning national art competitions from an early age. Her work was so exceptional that it was already auctioned off to investment buyers whilst she was still a teenager. Taya’s bold yet sensitive personality is evident in her work – it is often distinguishable by strong brushstrokes, arbitrary and expressive colours and a subject which exudes emotion.

This artist tends to remain tight-lipped regarding her inspiration for each work, calling in only  a “personal response to my feelings at the time”.  She even goes as far as to refuse to title her artwork.  She explains, 

“If someone sees a piece of my work and it touches them, I feel honoured that I have been able to transfer an emotion to a canvas and it has managed to touch them too.  But I believe that their response to the painting is surely governed by a different core emotion to mine and that is why I do not like to title my work.  What was mine, I give to you, the viewer.”

Perhaps there is some merit in her belief that she does not want to influence the viewer by even giving a title to her work?

After receiving distinctions for art, as soon as Taya matriculated she began teaching with her mentor, Shelley Adams, at the Shelley Adams Art Centre.

With a passion for teaching and transferring knowledge, Taya has started giving art lessons to adults and children on a part-time basis in her hometown of Hermanus.

Currently, Taya is exhibiting in South Africa and abroad and feels humbled an honoured by her stature as a successful artist in South Africa.


‘The complexity, maturity and depth to her work is actually quite astounding considering she is only thirty-one years old. Quite remarkable.’ This was the comment by a client who bought her work and it has been echoed by many people since. A truly amazing talent that has plenty of time to develop even further.