Weyers du Toit



Weyers du Toit works full time creating representational works in oils. He paints from life creating what is known as ‘Plein Air’ (derived from the French phrase which means ‘Open Air’) paintings. After a long frustrating time in his studio he decided to go out into the field to experience the beauty of nature and its elements. He hasn’t desired to paint any other way since. His approach to oil painting is classic with an impressionist influence and generally challenges himself to work ‘Alla Prima’ (only one layer). Weyers is inspired by the startling beauty of the South African landscape, particularly that of the Western Cape coastline. He feels that instead of imprinting on it, this land leaves indelible footsteps in all who venture through it. He paints that which he sees and is moved by; beaches, dunes, mountains, fishermen… In short he strives for beauty and truth. Roots Weyers du Toit grew up in the Western Cape town of Bredasdorp. He remembers wiling away the hours drawing pictures. He also recalls fondly their family visits to the little fishing haven of Skipskop where his father grew up. His grandfather, the legendary fisherman and storyteller Tewie du Toit, used to run a shark fishing business in nearby Rossebaai. The artist’s great grandfather on his grandmother’s side, Jonathan Wilson, arrived in South Africa by stowing away on one of his father’s ships heading to South Africa from Liverpool. The ship never reached Cape Town, but wrecked between Skipskop and Ryspunt. An Uys farmer in the area found him washed up on the beach and took him in. It was this type of background, Weyers thinks, that caused him to have such a high regard for the various hardy characters that eke out their existence in the salty spray of the Cape Coast. His father, uncle and brother all at one time worked as commercial fisherman. Work and Travel Shortly after completing school in 1991, Weyers du Toit did a diploma in Fine Arts at the Cape College with Oils under Liesbeth Gunther.
 What followed was a colourful array of jobs including mission and aid work from a ship in Asia, Africa and the Arabian Gulf, Photography aboard cruise ships (Caribbean, Alaska), Commercial diving, overland expeditions through Southern Africa and marine work at the Oceanographic Research Institute in Durban. During all of these occupations he often drew in pencil or ink and completed and sold works in oils.
 He now rejoices in being creative every day and in the privilege of interacting with beauty in nature.