Tay Dall – SYNERGY exhibition

3145 - Large Windswept 1 16B 120 x 250

Walker Bay Art Gallery, Hermanus

“Art is creativity drawn out of a deep well within ones subconscious and can be more powerful and true than conscious thought and reason. Therefore, the rock and rolls of imagined places, drips and splats, roils of dramatic curves and dancing clouds of mist. Movements of liquid and air melding into an electrically charged inter-exchange of emotional colours. Tendrils of weird lines vying for canvas space with floating forms in inky pools of atmosphere.  This may sound like a lot of gobbledygook  but in more ways than one, and depending how you see it, that pretty much sums up what can be expected in my latest exhibition I have called Synergy.

Esoteric subjects and themes presented in these visual offerings may mystify, elude, enlighten, disappoint, inspire, or just shake your head, glaze your eyes, and knock you dead in the cerebral cortex of confusion.  Don’t worry, my feeling is that there is no right or wrong way to see art. As long as the work squeezes out a little illustrious emotional response whether it’s positive or negative; if that happens, then I am a happy artist.

For those who have followed my art, my shows and tracked my 30 year career as an artist, you already know, that out of all the madness that gets churned and spun in my studio, my art makes beautiful sense in a very organized chaotic way. The works that I have chosen for the Synergy collection represent the combined power of a grouping of my art styles and themes working together to make a greater more powerful visual. The collection explores the history of where I am, where I’ve come from and where I’m going as I continue to experiment and explore the myriad possibilities of my imagination and my ability to create.

Thank you all for all your support with what I do.” – Tay Dall Vermont 2017

About the artist
Born in Cape Town in 1966, Tay began doing art classes at the early age of 8 years old, finally finishing her education with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town. In 1988 Tay immigrated with her family to Los Angeles, California where she worked in the film industry, studied computer graphics, and began exhibiting her work in various venues in her free time. Her eminent success in America led to a full-time career as an artist.